Saturday, October 29, 2011


Imagine this scenario: it's a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, you and your significant other are strolling down the street. You look for a place to have brunch. But you don't want to go to the same old, same old places that you always go to. As you keep strolling you come across this new place that just opened up. How exciting you think! You look at your significant other, he looks at you - you nod simultaneously in agreement. Done and done! There are a ton of people waiting outside. It must be a good place, you say to yourself. You proceed to the host. She tells you that it is at least an hour and a half wait for a table. Oh man! Seriously?! And now you want it even more - because you know it has to be that good, right? Well, just as you are about to throw up your arms and say "screw it!" you see two people at the bar get up! Ahhhh grab those seats. RUN, RUN, RUN - you say to yourself (or your significant other). You know you saw those two girls eying those seats. You saw them first. You beat them. You don't feel bad about it. They were your seats. Must be your lucky day. You get settled in your seats. You feel good. The "mixologist" serves you your choice of poison. Ahhh life is good, you think. The "mixologist" tells you that the executive chef/part owner used to work at Charlie Trotter's. I mean what?? Score!!! It's getting better and better! You chat. You drink. You laugh. You order. Your food arrives. Your significant other bites into his food. He loves it. You take a bite of yours. It's gross. What?! I'm so confused. It's SUPPOSED to be good! It's supposed to be a spicy broth, noodle bowl. It's SUPPOSED to be yummy, delicious goodness! It's not. And then reality sinks in: it's not good - it's bad. Very bad. It's bland. It's flavorless. You say to yourself, even pond water has more flavor than this! The noodles disintegrates in your mouth. It resembles baby food. You put hot sauce in it. Nothing. You put more hot sauce in it - still tastes like nothing. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Just forget about it and move on, right? Well - until..... the very friendly "mixologist" decides to bring over the executive chef to introduce you. And then he asks your significant other how he likes his dish. Your significant other LOVES it. He raves about it. Then the chef turns to you. He asks you. What do you do? Do you tell him honestly?? Or do you lie??

Happy eating!!

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