Saturday, October 29, 2011


Imagine this scenario: it's a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning, you and your significant other are strolling down the street. You look for a place to have brunch. But you don't want to go to the same old, same old places that you always go to. As you keep strolling you come across this new place that just opened up. How exciting you think! You look at your significant other, he looks at you - you nod simultaneously in agreement. Done and done! There are a ton of people waiting outside. It must be a good place, you say to yourself. You proceed to the host. She tells you that it is at least an hour and a half wait for a table. Oh man! Seriously?! And now you want it even more - because you know it has to be that good, right? Well, just as you are about to throw up your arms and say "screw it!" you see two people at the bar get up! Ahhhh grab those seats. RUN, RUN, RUN - you say to yourself (or your significant other). You know you saw those two girls eying those seats. You saw them first. You beat them. You don't feel bad about it. They were your seats. Must be your lucky day. You get settled in your seats. You feel good. The "mixologist" serves you your choice of poison. Ahhh life is good, you think. The "mixologist" tells you that the executive chef/part owner used to work at Charlie Trotter's. I mean what?? Score!!! It's getting better and better! You chat. You drink. You laugh. You order. Your food arrives. Your significant other bites into his food. He loves it. You take a bite of yours. It's gross. What?! I'm so confused. It's SUPPOSED to be good! It's supposed to be a spicy broth, noodle bowl. It's SUPPOSED to be yummy, delicious goodness! It's not. And then reality sinks in: it's not good - it's bad. Very bad. It's bland. It's flavorless. You say to yourself, even pond water has more flavor than this! The noodles disintegrates in your mouth. It resembles baby food. You put hot sauce in it. Nothing. You put more hot sauce in it - still tastes like nothing. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Just forget about it and move on, right? Well - until..... the very friendly "mixologist" decides to bring over the executive chef to introduce you. And then he asks your significant other how he likes his dish. Your significant other LOVES it. He raves about it. Then the chef turns to you. He asks you. What do you do? Do you tell him honestly?? Or do you lie??

Happy eating!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When the Goat made the Girl explode

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I have been such a bad blogger lately! That certainly isn't because of a lack of eating. As a matter of fact, I feel like, eating and working is pretty much all I have been doing. Last night SB and I went to Girl & the Goat with our good friends Justyna and Craig, and we ate our faces off! I mean, we ate and ate and ate and ate and then, we ate some more. I was about ready to explode but I just couldn't stop. Everything was fantastic there! From the bread to the oysters to the chickpea fritters, the flatbread with julienned apples on top, to the mushroom ragout ravioli. According to the waiter the mushroom ravioli was one of the dishes that Stephanie Izard invented on Top Chef and won a challenge with. But I have to say the one thing I will not leave without having are - the green beans. I don't know what it is but I am convinced that they sprinkle some crack over the top. I mean it is soooo addicting. I try to tell myself every time "Julie, stop. Act like a lady. Leave some for the others" but then suddenly the dialogue in my head somehow turns to "I'll just take a little. Ok, just a little more. Ummm ok, just a teeny, tiny more, I'm sure no one will notice." And then I anxiously await until no one takes anymore, and I discreetly finish off the whole bowl. I know, the whole thing is kind of sad. Really. But I don't know why, but those green beans just possess some sort of strange power over me. It's crack. I'm sure of it.

Happy eating!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is Your Life

Birthday love

Roses in my wedding color :o). I found them at the local farmers market.

My friend wonderful friend Lindsey of Toda New York sent me this most perfect and beautiful birthday card! A birthday card with a girl in a white dress and lavender/lilac colored flowers. How appropriate - considering that is my wedding color!

Thanks Linds for the perfect birthday card!

Beautiful birthday flowers from JCB, MK, Pies & Gibs. As you can see there is a theme: Purple! Thank you guys!!!

More gorgeous flowers from MS & Kev!

Thanks guys for all the birthday love! What could be better than flowers, cards, good food and good people on your birthday?? The answer is: not very much. T'was a good one :o). Love you guys!

Happy eating!!


Back to the roots...

The garden

My mum, happiest in her element :o)

A couple of weeks ago I came back from visiting my mother in Germany. She is the matriarch in our family who has taught me everything I know. Especially when it comes to all things concerning the kitchen, cooking, and good food. She has always told me that the ABC's of cooking and delicious food start with quality ingredients. Ever since I can remember, she has grown her produce in her very own garden, long before it was hip to buy organic food. Nowadays, I relish going to Whole Foods and buying my fresh food, but I must say that my wallet truly does not. Growing up, I took for granted the beautiful fruits and vegetables my mother would bring home in splendor. Today I wish I had her gardening skills (or lived closer to her!). On this trip to Germany, I accompanied her to her garden where she proudly showed me the fruits (literally) of her hard labor. This time around I could truly appreciate the beauty of her garden and hard work. This is where my journey as a self-proclaimed foodie began. I have however, not inherited the "growing/gardening" type of gene, as I seem to be incapable of keeping a mere orchid alive!

Happy eating!!


Blackberries - these will eventually be made into the best jam known to mankind.

Apple tree

Bell peppers





Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!






More pumpkins



More pumpkins

The proud owner of her universe

Hot chili pepper in weird shapes





Hot chili peppers galore


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