Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup blues + Obsession #1

Currently I am suffering from the world cup blues. Most of you know that right now the biggest sporting event in the world is happening in South Africa. I have 3 teams I’m rooting for: South Korea (I was born there), Germany (I grew up there), and the USA (I live here). Well, South Korea lost yesterday, Germany just lost now and even though that doesn’t mean they won’t advance to the next round – I’m still not happy about 2 losses in a row!

But I know just the thing that will make me feel just a little better. It’s the Melona popsicle! Who cares that it’s 9:30 in the morning and I’m eating ice cream! I am positively obsessed with this popsicle. It is fruity, creamy, milky, sweet, refreshing – it’s just a burst of flavors. It’s the best popsicle you’ll ever have in your life! Just the thing to help me get over a little bump in the world cup road to victory! I already feel the positivity flowing through my veins again (I will need it for the US match, which is up next!). I should get an IV drip with this stuff in it!! If you’ve never had it before, you have to get your hands on one! I get it at the grocery store in Korea-town (32nd street and Broadway) here in NYC. If you live elsewhere in the country and have a little Korean store or Asian market near by, they might sell it there too.

Happy eating and GO USA!!!!



  1. Love these things... pity in the UK, you gotta go to 'Korea Town' to get some.

  2. Yes - I have to go to Korea town as well to get them. But they are SO worth it! I got SB hooked on them too, and when we go we buy at least 4 boxes :)!


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