Monday, July 5, 2010

Beach, SPF and Tully's

The many purposes of Vita Coco - keeps you hydrated AND keeps your towel down on the beach

SB's Lobster Roll Plate

Can you see the butter on the lobster??? YUM!!!

Saturday was such a beautiful day! Perfect beach weather. There was not a cloud in the sky and the breeze from the Atlantic was pretty darn incredible. I brought some Australian Gold for myself and SB slathered some SPF on, I guzzled my Vita Coco and SB sipped on some chilled white wine while we both enjoyed the gorgeous view.

After such a "tough" day, we worked up a serious appetite and decided to stop for some food. On our way back to the house we drove to Tully's Lobster Company (right past the Ponquogue bridge). I love love LOVE lobster - but unfortunately I cannot eat it anymore. Recently, I have developed an allergy toward lobster, which I am truly and deeply saddened by. I know - tragic. But I get to watch SB enjoy it and live vicariously through him.

The lobster roll at Tully's isn't made the way it is traditionally. Lobster purists would prefer it though because it is simply steamed and very chunky. It was stuffed in what looked like a skinny brioche roll and served with a side of melted butter, chipotle mayo and fries. It looked delish! Even though SB is a fan of the classic (with the mayo already mixed together) he gives the Tully's lobster roll "1 1/2" thumbs up!!

If you find yourself in the area, definitely give it a try!

Tully's Lobster Company
78 Foster Avenue
Hampton Bays, NY 11946-3226

Happy eating!!


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