Sunday, July 25, 2010

Julie, SB, Linds, B, Abe & Arthur


Let me ask you a question: How can an evening that starts out with oysters be a bad one? Let me answer that question for you: it can't. I can't say that I have always felt that way. To be perfectly honest with you, I haven't always loved oysters. As a matter of fact, it's a fairly new acquisition in my food / flavor repertoire. I don't know why, but up until recently I've been sort of apprehensive about trying oysters. In the past they've looked a bit scary to me so I never really bothered to try them. SB has really opened my eyes to a lot of different kind of seafood. You must be thinking: how can I claim to be a foodie and not have had oysters for 30 years of my life. The truth is that I really don't have an answer to that. I am certainly no Anthony Bourdain that's for sure. Perhaps, in my mind I always thought that they would be kind of fishy tasting, and therefore have been resistant to them. But for any of you out there who feel the same as I did and feel hesitant to try oysters or other types of seafood: give it a shot!! What do you have to lose?? I now know I've truly been missing out all these years!! Also note that fresh, high quality oysters do not taste or smell fishy at all.

I'd definitely start out with these cute little Blue Point oysters, like the ones I had at Abe & Arthur's. Put some of the lovely condiments on top and you are golden. They are fantastic and less intimidating to start out with. If you don't happen to be the biggest fan right away, try it at least once or twice more. I feel like with a lot of foods that we are resistant to trying, we immediately have an adverse reaction because we want to hate it, to be right. It's almost like our minds set us up for failure. But if we try things a few times with an open mind and get over the initial reaction, we might be positively surprised. Don't you feel like that's true for many other situations in life too? The parallels of food and life, isn't it beautiful :)?

Truffled Fries

Mac & Cheese

The rest of our evening proceeded just as beautifully as it had begun. Good food, great wine and even better company. Linds is such a dear friend of mine and any time I get to spend with her and her fiancee B, I appreciate so much.

Meatball appetizer

Miniature Tuna Tartar Taco assembled by none other than: moi

Tuna Tartar

All the food was wonderfully prepared. From the tuna tartar tacos and meatball appetizers, to the truffled fries and the carnival dessert. Everyone loved their entrees and I thought the cod I ordered was spectacular. It was moist and flaky, the sauce so flavorful with a hint of ginger and soy, and crisp sugar snap peas provided for a perfect contrast in texture I love so much in my food.

Grilled Pork Chop

Wood-Grilled Branzino

Yellowfin Tuna

Pan Roasted Cod

I usually have mixed feelings about new, "ueber" trendy restaurants. I tend to feel that a lot of these types of places do not have the goods to back up all the hype. I had been wanting to try Abe & Arthur's for a while, even though it would fit into that trendy mold. I must say it didn't disappoint. Kudos to executive check Franklin Becker. The food was amazing. I would definitely go back anytime. Although, I will say this: if you go, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets, Abe & Arthur's in not what you would call economical or cost-effective. It's definitely a treat!

Doughnuts - YUMMMMM

Smores in the restaurant... ummm, what?!?

Happy eating!!



  1. Zomg, all of that looks so unbelievable. That s'mores bit looks amazing.

  2. It was as amazing as it looks!!

  3. That tuna tartar and Yellowfin look AMAZING. And truffled fries?? Really??! Oh girl I wanna to eat with you! That food looks amazing.

  4. It was truly decadent! Everything you imagine it is - it was, and more! I also feel that pretty much anything "truffled" has to be a slice of heaven. A fantastic dining experience through and through! :)

  5. Loved Abe & Arthur's!!! Loved it even more because I was with some of my favorite people on earth :) Everything was so yummy and I could not stop eating those fries!!!


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